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What are you looking for in a voice?  Most clients don’t really know, until they listen to an audition sample or a demo reel.  And even then, they may not be sure it’s what they want or need for their project.

Christine’s alto voice has been described as ‘distinctive’, ‘compelling’ with a natural, smooth sound.  If you are looking for a voice that can speak like a young male for animation; warm feminine tones to welcome callers to your company or announce your product; an intelligent, sincere manner representing your political candidates or a narration style that brings non-fiction and fiction work to life with an actor’s flare AND want a voice that has a unique quality, try out Christine and see the difference standing out from the crowd can be.

Professional ISDN home studio for quality recordings and fast turn-around. Browse her website for samples and contact information.  Call or email anytime to discuss your project needs, and how Christine’s award winning voice can make you shine.


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Christine now has a state-of-the-art home studio with ISDN. Go to the Biography-Studio tab for more info