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What are you looking for in a voice? 

Most clients don’t really know, until they listen to an audition sample or a demo reel.  And even then, they may not be sure it’s what they want or need for their project.

Christine’s alto voice has been described as ‘distinctive’, ‘compelling’ with a natural, smooth sound.  If you are looking for a voice that can speak like a young male for animation; warm feminine tones to welcome callers to your company or announce your product; an intelligent, sincere manner representing your political candidates or a narration style that brings non-fiction and fiction work to life with an actor’s flare AND want a voice that has a unique quality, try out Christine and see the difference standing out from the crowd can be.

Professional ISDN home studio for quality recordings and fast turn-around. Browse her website for samples and contact information.  Call or email anytime to discuss your project needs, and how Christine’s award winning voice can make you shine.

Add The Right Voice To Your Product!

A great voice can make a world of difference to a product. Whether it is an audiobook you want to sell or a political candidate you want to promote, having the services of a great voice can make a huge positive difference. Think about how much better a credit card offer on the phone sounds when it is presented by a person with a nice voice! What about enjoying an advertisement on television a lot more because of the female voice over talent? The truth is that our hearing senses are very important to the impressions we develop about a particular product or a person and we can help you make the most of it.

Who is Christine Padovan?

She is one of the most promising female voice over artists in the United States. With a voice that has been described as ‘natural’, ‘compelling, ‘distinctive’ and a self-motivated attitude, she is a true professional female voice over talent. She quickly understands the big picture when presented with a project and modulates her voice accordingly to make sure that she captures her audience within minutes. She understands that collaboration and team spirit are required for the projects she is needed for and is sensitive to the needs of others. Whether she is working with actors, producers, directors or novelists, she always gives them her very best.

Contact me directly at 904-955-2685, email or contact her manager Celia Siegel at (612) 920-4000, e-mail



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email her at or contact her manager Celia Siegel at (612) 920-4000,
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Important COVID-19 update

As reported on all media outlets, the Covid-19 virus has effected many levels of daily life.  My company operates in a virtual online office environment.  I work in a home studio setup with Source Connect, Skype and other connection services.  Generally, I do not physically come in contact with my clients. However, this virus may affect some of the associate services outside of my office.

If on occasion, I am asked to work in a client's studio, I will take the necessary precautions to not contract and/or spread potential germs (wash hands frequently, bring my own hand sanitizer, practice social distancing, wear a mask to and from the studio, etc.).

My hours, as usual, are based on your audio requests and schedule.  

Thank you for your attention and wishing you good health!