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Voiceover Talent Is So Important For Your Promotional Content?

Voiceover adds a human touch to your content.
Whenever you add human quality to your product/service, it adds more credibility.

A Professional Narrator, Voice Artist And Experienced Film And TV Actor

A Great Voice Can Make A Difference To Your Business In Ways You Never Thought Possible.

A good voice is not only a blessing; it can also mean profiting a business. When you call up a company and you are directed to their automated service, a great voice can make waiting for someone to pick up a pleasure. There are many things that a great voice over artist can do for you and your business.

A professional VO artist: What she can do for you.

With Christine Padovan, �you can place your trust in a VO talent who is experienced and versatile with her voice. �She is a talented voice over artist who has been working professionally since 2007. �With her distinctive natural voice, she can help you and your business in a variety of ways. �Greeting your callers, narrating your book so that you can sell an audio version of it, or announcing your product at a seminar, she does it all with the poise and grace people have come to expect from a voice artist. �She is intelligent and knows all the voice nuances you expect a voice artist to have, with the added appeal of a unique quirky personality. She is also great at doing political spots, giving her voice to elearning courses and narration projects.

What makes Christine special?
Perhaps what makes her stand out as a Voice Over talent worth every penny is that she is a smart woman of today. She is great at modulating her voice in a way that suits the situation and requirement. Whether you need her to lend her voice to a young male animated character or whether you want someone to introduce your special blend of tea at a gathering of salespeople at your business, she brings her graceful personality to the job. Her audio books (both fiction and non-fiction) are wonderful to listen to because she makes stories come alive in her own special way. Trust her to lend her award-winning voice to create something special for your needs.

Sample her voice
A wonderful way to know whether she is perfect for the job you have in mind for her is to listen to her voice samples on her website, or ask her for a personalized sample of your material.
Call her at 1-888-487-9997 or email her agent, Shane Cormier of IDIOM Talent Agency at or call 1-888-800-8070 ext 100, and find out what her special voice can do for you and your business.



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